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For the Love of Annie

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the heck my obsession is with this Annie person.  Well, the truth is, she’s one of my dearest friends, and since she has moved to Portland, life just hasn’t been quite the same.  … Continue reading

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How I Love Beets: An Ode to My Other Sister

So, a few months ago on a solitary Saturday night, I had a hankering for steak. I debated going out and treating myself to a delicious steak at some fancy Minneapolis restaurant. As much as I relish eating a good meal by myself at home, the solo Saturday night meal out on the town in not exactly my scene. So instead, I went to the grocery store. Steak, check. Beets, check. Brussel sprouts, check. Applewood smoked bacon, check. Arborio rice, check. Lemons, check. I threw a bar of dark chocolate in the basket and made a pit stop at the liquor store for a bottle of Pinot Noir. This meal is my adaptation of the meal Jessica and I cooked over Christmas. Continue reading

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