Jugaad Breakfast

My sister is working on an upcoming exhibition at the Center for Architecture in NYC called “Jugaad Urbanism: Resourceful Strategies for Indian Cities.”  Jugaad is a Hindi word which roughly translates in English to the concept of making do, or being resourceful.

I’ve been lounging about my house all day, trying to unpack and put away all the remaining boxes that have been lingering since my move in October. This morning, I was hungry for a satisfying breakfast that wouldn’t involve too much work.  Here entered jugaad.

Yesterday, I’d spent many hours making delicious vegetarian brandy and browned butter turnip greens as my contribution to the Christmas dinner I shared with my friend Alexis and her family.  The nine bunches I cooked turned into one large (8 quart) stockpot full of greens, of which about a half was leftover.

So, this morning I reached into the fridge and took stock of what I had: leftover white rice, copious amounts of greens, some leftover bacon (chopped and reheated with the greens), and eggs.  I fried those up – nice and easy – in plenty of butter, and rested them on top of the rice and greens, and voila!  There I had it.

I was hungry.  I was “making do”…  A quite formidable result, if I may say so myself.

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