That wee kitchen of mine is quite nearly a thing of the past.  I’m in the process of moving again – hopefully for the last time here in Minneapolis!  The new place I’ll call home has a kitchen that puts to shame anything I’ve previously defined as a kitchen…  Ok, that’s a bit extreme.  Clearly, if I was able to make magic happen in the wee kitchen of my latest abode, I can make it happen anywhere.  But sometimes an upgrade on counter space is called for!  And a five-burner gas stove with a convection oven, and a top-of-the-line dishwasher, and a huge refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom, and an insinkerator, and a huge center island with a “nosh pit”, and poured concrete counters, and Brazilian cherry floors, and custom-made maple cabinets, and a wall that’s framed and ready to go for an extension into a deck… well you know, they’re pretty nice too.

I am relishing every bit of the change, from the simple increase in cabinet and counter space, to all the incredibly luxurious appliances.  As soon as I’m settled, there will be detailed photo documentation of the new space… and a new food post!

Here’s to great things ahead!

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One Response to Whirlwind

  1. Joyce Berndt says:

    Yea, sounds like alittle bit of heaven for you. Happy for you!

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