New Features: Strictly Recipes (Index), Links to Recipes and Menu/Top Buttons

Hello all!

I have been trying to work on ways to make this blog more accessible and user-friendly for people who are more interested in my recipes than in the stories that accompany them. To that end, I’m in the process of constructing and updating a new page on the blog (the middle of the three pages on the black toolbar above):

This page allows you to browse recipes by category of part of meal. Click on a link and it will take you directly to the recipe, within the post in which it originally appeared.

Also new:

  • In each post I usually list a menu of what I cooked/served in a meal.  From now on, you can click on the name of any dish within that menu and immediately jump to the recipe!
  • Similarly, when you are fully immersed in a post and you want to return to the full menu, or to the top of the page, you can now click on “menu” and “top” buttons to do so.

You can check out both of these new functions in this oldie-but-goodie post:

Bear with me as I continue learning HTML and updating old posts!


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