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Unabashed Taco-propriation

Tonight I was making one of my favorite standbys – seco de pollo – an inexpensive, flavorful Ecuadorian chicken stew that I learned to make through the blog of Laylita, Ecuadorian chef/cook extraordinaire.  It takes hours to make the seco, … Continue reading

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New Features: Strictly Recipes (Index), Links to Recipes and Menu/Top Buttons

Hello all! I have been trying to work on ways to make this blog more accessible and user-friendly for people who are more interested in my recipes than in the stories that accompany them. To that end, I’m in the … Continue reading

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For the Love of Annie

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the heck my obsession is with this Annie person.  Well, the truth is, she’s one of my dearest friends, and since she has moved to Portland, life just hasn’t been quite the same.  … Continue reading

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A Lazy Post; and Tribute #2 to Annie

Well, I don’t have much to say for myself other than that it’s been a busy few weeks, and most of the cooking I’ve been doing has been for other people (gasp!).  Tonight I wanted a quick, fresh meal, so … Continue reading

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