What to expect from The Table for One

It’s finals time, so posting right now means procrastinating on projects and papers… Yikes.   Bear with me in the next few weeks, as there probably won’t be too much activity.  Yet, I wanted to share what you should expect from The Table for One, since many have asked me that very question.

This blog is primarily about the joy and well-being that is borne of preparing and eating good, meaningful food. I hope to share with you my food vision.  How I see the world through food, how food impacts my daily decision-making, and more.  I plan on posting:

  • menus of meals I make for myself, complete with
  • photos of the process and
  • step-by-step recipes

It’s quite likely that I’ll also post about cooking food for others, since even when I prepare food for myself, I usually end up sharing it with my friends and family in one way or another.  To a classmate at school: “Do you want to taste the carnitas I finished making last night?  I took me three days to make them…”  Classmate: patient eye-roll, and then delighted eye-pop when they ingest the glory.

And a bit of a disclaimer:

I also hope to use this space to talk about food in the larger context of our social, cultural and economic interactions (I did study cultural anthropology after all…), but I believe I will keep most of that dialogue out of this blog.  It would be all to easy for me to get stuck in the analysis paralysis of the politics of privilege and social justice around food (in)security, which is actually something I spend quite a lot of time thinking about.  There’s a place for that, no doubt.  But then I would lose sight of why I decided to write about food in the first place – to talk about the joy and well-being it can bring, and that it ideally would bring to everyone, equally if social inequalities were not our reality.  It’s clear, I think, that these issues are inescapable, and the reason I am able to enjoy food in the way I do is because of the privilege I carry.  Know that I am aware, not ignorant, and still in the process of negotiating that knowledge.

As for now, I invite you to join in with me on this new experiment.



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